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Better Customer Experience With Human Design Thinking

Winning companies innovate continuously using agile, design thinking to solve problems and constantly deliver value to customers much faster and efficiently.

These companies integrate the customers needs with technologies and deliver a personalized great Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Management

Subsidised by T-Assist Singapore Government Grant

Learn how to enhance your Organisation Transformation, the digital adoption, with a customer centric, design and innovation culture. A 2-day hands-on Masterclass.

In partnership with QED consulting

About this Government Grant

Design and Innovation​​

We use Design as a Business Changing agent, strategic to help teams better understand the nature of the problems/opportunities to be solved and the value of a solution. From finding redundancies and fail points in processes to the understanding of clients and customers’ needs.

An immersive, hands on experience through:

  • Inspiration
  • Ideation
  • Implementation

Agility and Problem Solving

At Business Academia, we combine insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.

​Interactive and fun with the full use of gamified quizes, mobile digital friendly tools.

We work through a real-life business issue:

  • Sprinting
  • Ideating
  • Testing
  • Improving Prototypes

Emotional Competence at work

Emotional competence is the key to building a positive and happier workplace. Begin your journey and learn how emotional competence can work for you and your organisation:

  • Nurture self awareness – your strengths and areas to improve
  • Enhance collaboration – managing relationships at work
  • Practice Empathy & Compassion – adopt an open and constructive mindset

Emotional Competence Micro-Learning Demo Videos

Micro-Learning Demo Videos

Pre-Work Video

We love getting things done. In the process, it is easy to overlook a very important step: the pre work. The more we prepare, the less overwhelmed, stressed, rushed by deadlines and deliverables. Investing in preparation takes time, effort, perseverance and gives in return: focus, clarity and better results.

Micro-Learning Demo Videos

Introduction Video

Turns out that Emotional Competence or EQ is more important in the modern workplace than IQ. Hear it first-hand from the renowned psychologist and leading scholar Dr. Daniel Goleman, and discover the 5 key domains of EQ that determine professional success.

Micro-Learning Demo Videos

Self-Awareness Video

Do you act on your emotions in a way you later regret? Do you listen to reply or to understand? Learn the art of self-awareness and find out how it can facilitate effective decision making and communication

Micro-Learning Demo Videos

Managing Relationships Video

The key to managing relationships with others begins with the ability to first manage our own emotions.

Micro-Learning Demo Videos

Self-Management Video

Successful management begins with you! Learn to take control of your own thoughts and emotions.