Our Approach

01. Approach

We start with the identification of most important business pain points and opportunities, prioritising is key here. In this phase we use interviews, observations, and online assessments to measure readiness against Industry, Internal departments and peers

Business Academia - Consulting Singapore

02. Research

We analyse industry best practices, look into trends, possible threats ahead as well as opportunities. More information is gathered through Customer and Employees feedback data.

03. Collaboration & Engagement

We encourage collaboration by forming cross functional teams and allowing participants to present, discuss, solve problems and give constructive feedback. Our Programs are tailored on the specific organisation’s need and consider the insights from pre assignments and data analysis.

The Program roll out could be done Online or Offline or both. Trough gamified microlearning mobile quizzes, real time pols, Q&A session we make sure our audience is kept interested and responsive.

04. Results

The most demanding and difficult task for learning and development is to show results, “impact on bottom line”. At Business Academia we adopt a pragmatic approach to reach the desired results:

  • We obtain commitment to an Action Plan and Road Map by your teams
  • We make recommendations and suggest Sprints to accelerate the action plan implementation
  • We follow up with coaching session for results recording and further iteration